Banana Sherbet Kingpen


Kingpen Banana Sherbet  for sale

The kingpen banana sherbet for sale contain cannabis oil from the banana sherbet weed strain. This weed strain arises from a cross between the sunset sherbet and the banana kush weed strains. As such the cannabis oil in this kingpen vape cartridge expresses indica dominance. The banana sherbet king pen gives a sweet smelling banana like aroma when vaped. It equally gives of a sweet and creamy banana taste.

The effects of the king pen banana sherbet starts with an uplifting feeling just after a few puffs. This then later flows into a full body high due to the indica dominance in this kingpen cartridge. The user simply goes into a state of stress free relaxation. The kingpen banana sherbet vape also delivers a euphoric feeling of pure happiness. This leads to the user being giggly throughout its times of use.  However, this 710 king pen cart doesn’t leave users in a complete couch lock. Some users also testify to the banana sherbet king pen enhancing arousal.

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