Cannalope Kush Kingpen


Cannalope Kush Cartridge For Sale

A Cannalope kush kingpen cartridge for sale contains cannabis oil from the cannalope kush weed strain. This weed strain arises as a blend between the cannalope haze strain and the famous OG #18 strain. As such the resulting weed strain comes out as sativa dominant. The cannalope kush kingpen cartridge burns to release a fruity smell but is not citrus. It equally leaves an after taste similar to wood and underlying traces of earth.

Kingpen cannalope kush cartridges for sale burn to give a typical sativa effect. It starts off with a head high which arrives as quickly as after just a few puffs. This head high gives an uplifting feeling which takes off any anxiety and leaves the user fully confident. Also, vaping this cart makes you feel an overwhelming sense of relief as all your problems take a vacation. In conclusion, vaping the cannalope kush kingpen cart gives the resulting feelings of pure happiness and a complete sense of euphoria. When you order cannalope kush kingpen cartridges online, order for 2 as this cart best serves party use.