Cuvee Cookies Kingpen


Cuvee Cookies Kingpen Cartridge For Sale

The cuvee cookies Kingpen cartridge for sale contains cannabis oil from the cuvee cookies weed strain. This cuvee cookies strain originates as a cross between the Girl Scout Cookies and the cuvee strains. As such it blends traits from these 2 strains to give a hybrid with both sativa and indica effects. However, vaping cuvee cookies kingpen carts give more of an indica feeling. The cuvee cookies cannabis oil burns to give a sweet cherry smell and leaves behind an earthy taste in the mouth.

If you’re in search of a calming body relaxation without the full body couch lock feeling, buy cuvee cartridges. This cuvee cookies strain cartridge hits you fast making you calm just after the first few puffs. This calmness then melts down to give you a relaxation that lasts for several hours. Cuvee cookies kingpen cartridges for sale equally put you in a state of pure happiness making you giggly throughout.  However, the cuvee cookies kingpen has a relatively less intense couch lock. This makes it ideal for use in small social gatherings among friends.