Gelato Kingpen


Kingpen Gelato for sale

The kingpen gelato for sale contains 100% pure cannabis oil from the gelato weed strain. This strain comes from the California bay area. It arises as a cross between the sunset sherbet and the thin mint Girl Scout cookies strains. The gelato king pen produces a berrylike and citrus flavor. It equally leaves a blueberry like taste with underlying traces of pepper.

The king pen gelato provides an uplifting feeling straight from the go with just 1 puff. This feeling makes the user completely anxiety free and confident. The head high equally gives a mental stimulation which makes the user feel more energized. Vaping the 710 king pen gelato cartridge gives a high feeling of euphoria. It also gives feelings of peak happiness and clear calmness. As such, the gelato kingpen makes an excellent fit for social gatherings and also mood boosting.