King Louis Kingpen


Kingpen King Louis for sale

The Kingpen King Louis for sale consist of the royal King Louis weed strain. The King Louis arises as a cross between the LA confidential and OG kush. This weed strain unlike its name does not date back to the 17th century. However it portrays equal power and might. The King Louis King pen is indica dominant. It gives off a sweet and spicy smell when burnt. It equally taste like earth and sweet spices.

The Kingpen King Louis, like any king would do, takes its time before it kicks in. The high from this Kingpen cart starts with a deep body relaxation. it equally gives a feeling of pure happiness accompanied with calmness like that of a lake. As such, you feel euphoric and uplifted but go to sleep as you continue using the cartridge. Vaping this cart gives an intense couch lock and causes the user to feel numb.


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