Skywalker Kingpen


Skywalker Kingpen for sale

The skywalker kingpen cartridge for sale consists of cannabis oil from the skywalker weed strain. The skywalker strain results as a cross between the Mazar and Blueberry weed strains. This then gives an indica dominant cannabis oil which burns with a fruity berry-like smell. It equally leaves behind a berry-like and earthy taste with some traces of wood.

The kingpen skywalker gives a deep body relaxation and an equally mellow indica style high. This high however takes time before it finally kicks in. The high from the skywalker king pen starts with an uplifting feeling. This then creeps into a feeling of sweet euphoria but not a complete couch lock feeling. However, you still feel very lazy and most likely sleepy. As such, don’t hit the skywalker king pen cart when you have a somewhat urgent task to do.

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