Super Lemon Haze Kingpen


Super Lemon Haze Kingpen for sale

The Super lemon haze kingpen cartridge for sale contains super lemon haze cannabis oil. This oil comes from the super lemon haze weed strain. This strain arises as a cross between the lemon skunk and super silver haze weed strains. Hence, the resulting 710 king pen super lemon haze cartridge has more of a sativa effect. The super lemon haze king pen burns to give a fruity smell similar to citrus and zest. It equally has a sweet taste accompanied by a slight sometimes unnoticeable taste of pepper.

The kingpen super lemon haze cartridge for sale burns to give a quick mental stimulation. This head high stimulates the user and gives an uplifting feeling. This feeling melts anxiety away and makes the user more confident and sometimes talkative. The king pen super lemon haze oil pen equally gives you an energy boost which makes you feel more active. As such this combination of pure happiness, confidence and energy makes the super lemon haze 710 king pen perfect for party use.