Three Kings Kingpen


Kingpen Three Kings for sale

As its names implies, the three kings kingpen cartridge for sale contains cannabis oil from the three kings strain. This strain results as a trinity of the OG Kush, Sour diesel and headband strains. As such, the king pen three kings for sale expresses more sativa inclined effects. The vapor from vaping the 3 kings cartridge smells of fruits with a citrus zest background. It equally leaves a somewhat pepperish and sweet aftertaste.

The 3 kings kingpen kicks off with a head rush that happens as quickly as after the first few puffs. This head rush creates an uplifting feeling which cancels out all anxiety. Vaping this three kings cartridge equally gives complete feeling of happiness and pure euphoria. This kingpen cart also makes you feel very energetic and sometimes very talkative. As such, expect an overall feeling of laughter, confidence and happiness throughout the time of use of the three kings cartridge.