Trainwreck Kingpen


 Kingpen Trainwreck for sale

The kingpen trainwreck for sale contains cannabis oil from the trainwreck weed strain. This weed strain arises as a blend between the Thai and Mexican sativas blended with the Afghani indica. Hence the resulting cannabis oil in the train wreck oil cartridge expresses sativa dominance. The trainwreck king pen burns to give a pine and sweet lemon smell. It equally tastes like herbs and wood.

As its name implies, the  kingpen trainwreck hits fast with just one puff. New comers take it slow and gentle on this one. The high from this kingpen cart begins with a feeling of being uplifted. This kills any anxiety hiding in you. The high then further elevates you to give a feeling of euphoria and pure happiness. Vaping the trainwreck king pen equally makes you feel more energized and more interactive. It equally makes you giggly throughout the high. As such this king pen cart goes well with social activities like partying.

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